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Sestraluna is a professional bellydance troupe based in Severna Park, Maryland. Co- founders and Directors Mara and Typhrodisia formed the troupe in 2007. Since then they have hosted many dancers such as Bozenka, Petite Jamilla, Kami Liddle, Moria Chappell , Suhaila Salimpour and Sadie Marquardt among many other local performers. Sestraluna has also put on large shows including the Bellydance Superstars "Club Bellydance show" , Petite Jamilla and Kami Liddle show and the Sadie Marquardt show as well as host many smaller shows and Hafla's.
 We aspire to entertain, educate and celebrate the art of dance, creativity and community through performances, instruction and community out reach.
    Each of  our dancers brings to the troupe different backgrounds, talents, expertise and goals through which we all explore the world of dance. We respect and celebrate those differences and encourage our dancers to expand their creativity, master technique, and grow in their dance with dedication, enjoyment and passion.
Hire Sestraluna for your next event. Email Typhrodisia for pricing and availability at typhrodisia@aol.com

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 TROUPE SESTRALUNA , DONATIONS      Some of you may have been to one of Sestraluna's events, seen them perform somewhere , maybe it was at your event. They have helped raise money for the YWCA, Helped with the Toys for Tots and helps out in the community as much as possible. Sestraluna has big plans for 2015. They are planning big events as well as traveling to other cities to perform , but they need your help to off set their expenses. Please help them out, a donation would be greatly appreciated. Even a few dollars would help out. Listed below is $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 donations, But if you would like to donate a different amount you can send it via paypal to typhrodisia@aol.com . Thank you in advance for helping them reach their dreams!



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