Typhrodisia's Bellydance and Beyond - Bellydance and world dance lessons and performances
Join our team- Annapolis Shimmy Mob

This dance will be performed world wide on the exact same day! The Annapolis Shimmy Mob team will be performing at several location in down town Annapolis on May 13.

Every Shimmy Mob team raises awareness against abused women and children as well as funds for a shelter of their choice.

The funds for the Annapolis Shimmy Mob team will be donated to the YWCA in Arnold. The Arnold YWCA is building a new facility that can help even more women and children.

Every dollar helps with food, shelter, cloths and counseling. The feeling of being safe is priceless!

Donations-We will be setting up a Razoo account,where all the money will be donated directly to the Arnold YWCA. Cash donations will be accepted as well. Please contact typhrodisia at typhrodisia@aol.com to make you cash donation.

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