Typhrodisia's Bellydance and Beyond - Bellydance and world dance lessons and performances

New- Suhaila on line class

    Held at the Typhrodisia's studio

Wed, July 12 at 6-7PM
Mon, July 17 at 7-8PM
Wed, July 19 at 6-7PM
Sat, July 22 at 11-12 AM
Mon, July 24 at 7-8PM
Wed, July 26 at 6-7PM
Mon, July 31 at 7-8PM

$8.00 for one class- must pre register 24 hour in advance
5 class card for $35.00- MUST BE USED WITHIN THE SAME MONTH

Suhaila on line classes with be played on a big screen TV in the studio. Come and learn a different technique or choreography in each class.

This class is great if you don't have space in your own home, if you have the kids and animals running at your feet or you feel like you will learn better in a studio setting.

The classes are recorded  in her studio, you will feel like you are there. They are not live classes, she can not see you.  
*** Tuesday Class***  

Country Heat Dance Fitness Class
with Suzie Flaherty

Tuesday, May 16
6 week session
11AM- 12PM
Price - $48.00 for 6 weeks or Drop in - $10.00

$48.00- 6 week

$10.00- drop in fee


Step right in to this easy-to-follow, completely exhilarating, country dance-inspired workout! No complicated moves. No memorizing routines. Just simply follow along to enjoy the low-impact, high-energy dance class set the hottest country hits. You’ll have so much fun moving, stepping, clapping, stomping, and laughing, you’ll forget you’re burning mega calories and toning your body from head to toe! *Every workout should be this fun!
For more information contact Suzie at suzienflaherty@gmail.com

Mommy and Me class
with Typhrodisia

Tuesday , May July 11, 2017- bellydance
6:30-7:15 PM (45 min class)
Price- $65.00
For ages 5-14

Come share your and your daughters first Hula class together! You will learn a complete dance that the two of you can show your family and friends. Price includes both mommy and child. It is the parents responsabilty to make sure the child is behaving in class.

Level 1 and 2 Bellydance class
                            with Typhrodisia

Tuesday, July 11
8 week session

prerequisite- you must take at least one of  Typhrodisia's beginner bellydance class and have snake arms, leg shimmy , undulations and figure 8 movements memorized.
In the Level 1 and 2 bellydance class you will learn proper bellydance posture, technique and etiquette . Start to layer the muscular movements you learned in the beginner class. We will drill each movement and focus on timing. 45 minutes of technique and 45 min of choreography. Learn confidence, grace and how to perform FOR the audience not just in front of them.

***Thursday Classes***
Beginner Bellydance  Technique  and Choreography class                            with Typhrodisia 

Thursday June 15, 2017 
5 week session
Price- $79.00

Thursday July 27, 20175
week session
Price- $79.00

In the beginner  5 week ,hour and a half technique/choreography combo class, you will learn 45 minutes of technique and 45 minutes of a full choreography. 

In the Technique section we will break down the basic muscular movements such as snake arms, up to down and down to up undulations, back to front and front to back hip figure eights, up to down and down to up hip figure eights, head slides, chest lifts and pelvic locks.

In the Choreography section you will learn a new part of a dance, by the end of the 5th class you will learn a complete dance.* no prerequisite* wear comfortable clothing , yoga pants, sweat pants , tank top or shirt. You do not need to show you belly.
*Gain confidence to move onto the Level 1 

***Check out the Summer Dance Camp page for all the information on the week long bellydance and Hawaiian hula camps.


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